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Welcome to Empowered with Spirit
"The Home of Healing"

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Michele Ling

Accredited & Trained in

Spiritual Surgery

Accredited Hahnemann Healing Practitioner & Trainer

Accredited Concomitant Healing Practitioner

Hi, I’m Michele

I want to tell you a bit about myself and what I can help with.

Having received training & accreditation in Spiritual Surgery, Hahnemann Healing & Concomitant Healing (emotional & physical healing), I understand that everyone is simply trying to find their way in the world.

This is why I take a whole-person approach to help you discover what’s really going on. It’s important to create a balanced lifestyle so you can show up every day for yourself and others, with clarity, direction, peace & balance.

Together we’ll explore the correct healing method for you and find an approach that fits you.

With me you can expect a practical and direct, yet down to earth approach—designed to meet your needs for where you are now.

Healing with me is not just about the past, sometimes problems arise in your everyday life that can greatly hold you back. All of this can be addressed with Hahnemann Healing, which is an extremely powerful healing method assisting you to move through negative emotions and traits that no longer serve you. If in addition/or, you hold physical pain in your body we can address that with Concomitant Healing. This modality of physical healing assists to move you through the emotional and physical issues related to your pain, which in turn gives great benefit. Hahnemann and Concomitant healing can also  work extremely well together. For more serious physical issues, this can be addressed via Spiritual Surgery.



Methods I may use to help you:

Spiritual Surgery (Directed Energy to heal the body)

Hahnemann Healing (Healing the emotions)

Concomitant Healing (Healing the physical body)

If you have questions please contact me or visit the HH FAQ page.




At times I may suggest that any of the following modalities may also assist you;

  • Spiritual Counselling

  • Homoeopathy

  • Mediumship Reading

Michele  xx

Crazy Horse on going forward or back...

 "At every turning point in your life you will be tested.  Go forward or go back. 
Very few see the test, for going back is, in the moment, the easier and more appealing option".

From my guide Crazy Horse through Ian Rogers Director Sphinx Spiritual 
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