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Spiritual Surgery
Healing the physical body's deterioration...



In Ancient Egypt under the protective umbrella of the Sphinx, in the School of Learning under the Great Pyramid of Giza, many years of work were devoted to healing and remedying the human body through the use of directed energy. The energy used was amplified through the power of the Pyramid. 

The work was advanced and covers most human conditions.  This form of work was lost to the world and is now available again on earth.

The knowledge and methodology used are both intricate and precise and without physical human intervention or touch, the person performing this work is able to operate within the body to fix and cure a large variety of physical issues.

The form of energy used is precise and the method of performing these operations is precise.  Each surgery is specific to each body operated on.  In other words there is no ‘one size fits all’, for it takes into account the requirements of a specific body including its condition and age.  There are no side effects.

With few exceptions, it can treat almost all conditions of the body.  It will appear miraculous and revolutionary.  In the hands of an appropriately trained and evolved person, it is neither. 


Energy and its use are largely misunderstood on earth.  Not so by those qualified in this work.


Spiritual Surgery may assist with the following issues:

  • pelvic floor issues, period pain including fibroids

  • incontinence incuding bowel issues

  • scars & scar tissue

  • fractures, torn muscle, ligaments, tendons

  • shoulder, back, neck, hip

  • sciatica, hamstrings, glutes

  • knee, calf, ankles, feet  

  • plantar fasciitis

  • bursitis

  • hand, wrist, elbows

  • carpal tunnel​ syndrome

  • ear problems; hearing, tinnitis, swimmers ear

  • eye problems; macular degeneration/tear, glaucoma, detached retina, cataracts

Spiritual Surgery is available  by appointment. Each surgery requires a post-surgery follow up appointment. Surgery may require more than one appointment (as determined at the initial consultation)

If you are interested in booking an appointment, discovering what spiritual surgery can do for you or would like to discuss, please register your interest here.
Spiritual Surgery Rates:
  • $220 per 1 hour procedure

  • Post surgery follow up appointments $165

Michele Ling

Trained and accredited in Spiritual Surgery

Rear 15/1140 Nepean Hwy, Mornington

Please call or email for a no obligation pre-session chat.



"Spiritual Surgery" is the intellectual property of Sphinx Spiritual.

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Spiritual Surgery
to help your body
feel better naturally

"When the human body loses an organ, it loses internal balance or harmony.What that organ provided has to be compensated for through other bodily components.

The search for a return to health must be through allowing the rest of the body to be in a condition to compensate for what has been lost, or to restore the most balance possible.

This means other parts of the body need to be better nurtured so as to allow them to provide the balance the body demands.

Only when medicine stops feting surgeons for being mere cutters and stretches itself to understand replenishment and balance, can it advance the human physical condition."


Credit: Crazy Horse through Ian Rogers - Director Sphinx Spiritual 

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