Be the best version of you.....
Gain clarity, direction, peace & balance in your life
at Empowered with Spirit
Healing, Coaching, Counselling
Workshops & Practitioner Training
Rear 15/1140 Nepean Highway, Mornington

Healing, Coaching & Counselling can empower you to increase the quality of your life, assisting you to move forward, enabling you to find peace & joy.



Designed to effectively

treat the physical

pain withheld

in the body


Emotional Healing

A unique & powerful modality helping to release negative emotions withheld in the body




 Discover the core values you hold and live by, which in turn defines who you really are, enabling you to gain "personal harmony" & growth in your life. 



Spiritual Counselling

Assists you to discover the cause of your problem, how to change your behaviour and find a new way forward


Spend Some Time With Us

  •  90 Minute Session 

    Q & A Interactive Session


    Emotional Healing


     Dates TBC 

    90 min sessions

  •  1 Day Workshop 

    A Spiritual Life


    what it means...


    Date TBC 

    9.30am - 5pm

  •  6 Day Training 

    Hahnemann Healing Practitioner Training

    Accredited Modality


    Dates TBC

    Saturdays & Sundays/9.30-5pm

  •  4 Week Course 

    Grow & Glow

    Find direction and learn to face the challenges in your life


     Dates: Tuesday Evenings


Let’s Work Together

Contact: Michele Cleaver

Address: Rear 15/1140 Nepean Hwy

Mornington, VIC, 3931

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Directions for Empowered with Spirit location:

Turn left at the driveway at no. 1140 (MIP) located where Moor Room Storage is.

Drive down the long driveway on the RH side until you reach the rear end, turn right, you may park at the side or front, entry is at rear of 15 - The Home of Healing.

If you have arrived at Officeworks you have missed the driveway of 1140.

Do a u-turn, go back around and take the driveway before Officeworks & after Bata.

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